Robert Lanza Worked (and Published Scientific Papers) with Some of the Greatest Scientists of the 20th Century

Work with Professor Christiaan Barnard
Time Magazine cover image of Professor Christiaan Barnard

Performed the World’s First Heart Transplant

New England Journal of Medicine 307; 1275 (1982)
Lanza (with Barnard & Cooper)

JAMA 249; 1746 (1983)
Lanza (with Barnard, Cooper & Cassidy)

American Heart Journal 107; 8 (1984)
Lanza (with Barnard, Cooper & Boyd)

Work with Dr. Jonas Salk
Time Magazine cover image of Dr. Jonas Salk

Developed the Polio Vaccine

J. Supramol. Struct 182;33 (1979)
Lanza (with Salk)

Work with Professor B.F. Skinner
Photo of Professor B.F. Skinner

Most Influential Psychologist of All Time
―American Psychological Association

SCIENCE 207; 543 (1980)
Lanza (with Skinner & Epstein)

SCIENCE 212; 695 (1981)
Lanza (with Skinner & Epstein)

Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior 38; 201 (1982)
Lanza (with Skinner & Starr)

Work with Professor Rodney Porter
Photo of Professor Rodney Porter

Recipient of the 1972 Nobel Prize in Medicine and Physiology

Lanza worked with Porter at Oxford University in 1977

Work with Dr. Gerald Edelman
Photo of Dr. Gerald Edelman

Nobel-winner was “The Father of Modern Immunology”

Lanza worked with Edelman at Rockefeller University in 1976